Walls, ceiling


Asbestos in your home can be found in your walls, ceilings and flooring. It can also be found in the external cladding of your house.

If your house was build or renovated prior to 1990 it may or could contain asbestos sheeting.

The backing of your vinyl floor situated anywhere in your home, be it your kitchen, lounge, bedrooms or bathroom could also contain asbestos. Floor tiles and linoleum or lino, laid prior to the mid eighties will most likely contain asbestos, also the fibrous paper backing, or the mastic or bituminous layer of sarking type backing material.  This is extremely dangerous when ripped up, with asbestos fibres being released, endangering everyone in the vicinity, and potentially contaminating the contents of the  house, carpets, furniture etc.

The removal of these products is done in a safe and controlled manner, with the area being completely decontaminated at the completion of the removal work.

All asbestos waste will be removed from your property and transported away by an EPA registered vehicle. This will then be disposed of at an EPA registered landfill.


It is not always easy to tell if the product used contains asbestos, but we can arrange for a sample to be taken and analysed. These samples are analysed by a NATA Accredited Laboratory which is independent of our Company. The will issue us with a report on the results of the sample analysis. This report will then be passed onto you.

For a quote on the cost of sampling please contact us either by phone or email.